technical details

OMF / AAF Preparation

  • OMF 2.0 or AAF w/ embedded media and 10-second handles

  • Maintain all volume automation.

  • Tracks sorted by type: VO, dialogue, music, SFX

  • 16-Bit or 24-Bit AIFF or WAV at 48kHz

  • *Note: OMF file size limit is 2GB. If project OMF exceeds 2GB, preference is to receive multiple OMFs separated by track types (tracks 1-4 in first OMF, tracks 5-8 in second OMF, etc.).


  • Quicktime w/ timecode burn and/or 2-Pop for positional reference; Preferred codecs: H.264, DV25, ProRes Proxy

  • Preferred dimensions: 960 x 540

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